How do you brew a cup of Two Goats Hoppin Hopped Coffee?

How do you brew a cup of Two Goats Hoppin Hopped Coffee?

People ask all the time... 

"How do you brew a cup of hopped coffee?"

"It's so easy!" we tell them... 

"Just make it how you'd make any other cup of coffee."

Our favorite method is using a steel-mesh pour over, with our coffee beans ground on #5.

French Press works real good, too for letting all the oils of the hops and coffee get into your cup.

But, hey... It's your cup of coffee.... you brew it however you like your coffee!

Add cream and sugar if that how you like it.  Those two ingredients bring different flavors to the experience, and play well with the mix of smoky, earthly coffee, and citrusy, piney hops.

For some real tasting fun, pair your coffee with some tart fruit, like an Oregon Marionberry Pie, or fresh Rainier Cherries, if they're in season.  We love the way the hops play with those tart fruits and and buttery, crispy crusts of baked treats.

Pro coffee tasting tip:  To really get the hops to come forward in the cup, let your coffee cool for a bit before drinking it.  You'll be surprised how the coffee changes flavor at different levels of temperature.


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